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flowervillage's Journal

Flower Bud Village
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One day you're doing whatever it is you usually do, then...

The next thing you know a woman with green hair is telling you to live in some land you have never heard of.
Start a new life. Have a job.
And then you appear in your new living quarters.

Welcome to your new life.

Hello, you have somehow found our humble RP! This RP is something we are doing for fun, so we want to make it fun for everyone. Therefore!

Rules! We have them. They aren't anything too strict, I think. But, it's just to be safe and keep this a fun place for everyone!

1. Don't cause drama. Flaming and things like that aren't appreciated. Be polite and nice to everyone! If you have a problem someone report it to a mod. We'll figure things out so that any problems between others can be settled. We want this to be a friendly community and a fun place for everyone!

2. Please stay in-character with the characters you play. While no one's perfect with characters, because, well... canon characters can be hard to grasp because they aren't character that you created. We understand this. But, just because of that it doesn't mean you should be OOC with your characters. Like, making them swear if they would never do that in their canon as an example.

3. Do not god-mod. You do not control person's character. What their character does and says is up to them, not you. Also, consult the character's player before making decisions to do anything to them. Doing things without permission is never good and makes the other player mad/angry/sad. Think before you act!

4. Warning: possible spoilers! Characters will most likely be either taken from a diffrent time in their canon or atleast be spoilers themselves. So, somethings in this RP might be spoilers. Just a fair warning.

5. You can have up to 8 characters! Just keep in mind that you'll have to be active with the characters you pick up and know how to juggle through playing with them all. If you can't handle let's say 3 or more characters, then don't pick up more then that. Because, someone else might be able to pick up that character and hogging them isn't doing anyone good either.

That's it! That's all fair enough, right? Simple stuff!

DEJI | lazy creator

MITSU | ninja mod
aim | KirijouKaichou

JIBRILLE | tenkai mod
aim | iheardulikepizza

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